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Size and Measure Guide CURTAINS

It’s best to measure up for your curtains once you’ve purchased or installed your tracks or poles.  The final position of your track or pole will determine the size of the curtain you need.  Below we've offered some tips for you to measure the sizes you need.  When you are ready to order, you can browse the range to order the colours, designs and styles.  

You can also download this guide or download an order form to use as a reference before you place an order online, or if you wish to send us your order by post or fax.

Ideally your track or pole will extend at least 20cm beyond the window frame on each side to allow the curtain to be fully drawn without obscuring the window.  

Curtain Measurement Image


This is the size of your pole or track.  The curtains will be delivered in one pair, which when gathered will cover the measurements you provided.  In pencil pleat curtains we can supply up to 430cm track width. 


Pencil Pleat curtains on a track: Measure from the top of your track.
Pencil Pleat curtains on a pole: Measure from the bottom of the pole.
Eyelet Curtains on a pole: Measure from the top of the pole.

Take your measurement down to where you want your curtains to finish. Now you know your required length, select the most suitable drop length from the available list.  If the drop is within a few centimetres of your required length you can adjust the height of your pencil pleat curtains up and down by placing hooks in different places in our 3 pocket curtain tape.   This option is not available in eyelet curtains however.   Alternatively if your track/pole is not installed you can position of it to suit the length of the curtain.

Sill Length: should sit approx 1 cm above the window sill.
Below Sill Length: should measure 15cm below sill to allow for clearance and overhang.
Floor length: should sit 1-2cm above the floor although you can order longer and have curtains "billowing" on the floor if that look is desired.

Drop lengths available in the custom curtain service are as follows:

70cm 100cm 120cm 140cm 160cm 200cm 205cm 213cm 220cm 230cm 240cm

Our range of curtains in-store provides something for everyone, from sophisticated velvet prints, to decorator stripes and plain weaves.  Each of our ranges comes in a range of sizes to suit most windows, but we understand that not every house is the same, and sometimes our customers need that "something extra".

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Phone service is available 9.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

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